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The Retreat

Nuanse Entertainment 

Web Series

Suspense | Drama

The Retreat" is a suspenseful web series about schemes that unfold amongst a group of black women after a damning secret is revealed during an artist retreat.


The show was devised and executed by an all black-women cast and crew. During a vulnerable moment at an all-black women’s artist retreat, celebrity guest speaker, Cynthia Chadwick, opens up to a small group about a dangerous secret.


The series picks up one year later, as a soon-to-be-published book of memoirs threatens to expose what happened in the woods. As rumors begin to circulate through the media, it’s every woman for herself. At its core, “The Retreat” is a story about survival. ​

Production Company:

Nuanse Entertainment 



Andrea Edgerson ("Cynthia Chadwick")

Ivana Noble ("Dana")

Ricki Lynée ("Bea")

Donna R. Walton ("Pamela")

The Retreat Film Poster_24x36.png

meet the cast

Andrea Edgerson ("Cynthia Chadwick")

Andrea Edgerson is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Upon graduation, she helped to create Two Brown Girls Productions with another graduate in an effort to create content that reflects their world. Two Brown Girls Productions recently completed filming of BALD a story written and produced by Andrea about her own journey with alopecia.


Ivana Noble ("Dana")

Ivana Noble is a NY based actress who enjoys piano, cooking, and yoga. She’s currently producing a short film that she wrote titled “Chatter in the Skull.”  She’s also a hand model and has worked on many campaigns for companies such as Time Magazine, Revlon, and Sally Hansen. To see her work, visit her website at


Ricki Lynée ("Bea")

Ricki Lynée is a New York City-based actress, writer, and producer. She is the co-owner and Head of Development at Nuanse Entertainment and is a resident artist with New Light Theater Project. Ricki is a graduate of CUNY Brooklyn College where she studied Theatre. She officially embraced her passion for filmmaking with the web series, “Anthology” produced by Nuanse Entertainment in 2013. Ricki seeks to inspire younger artists; trailblazing by creating and embodying characters who challenge social norms. She is committed to her pursuit of authoring a body of work that highlights her bold choices and craftsmanship. Ricki is the co-writer, executive producer and part of the principal cast as “Bea” in “The Retreat”.


Donna R. Walton ("Pamela")

Donna R. Walton is an author/actor/speaker based in Washington, DC., where she has made an unprecedented impact in the disability and women of color communities as a hub for thoughtful discussion on issues, self-love, empowerment, and shaping the perception of what “disability” looks like, by using her the organization she founded, The Divas With Disabilities Project as her platform, to promote Black and Brown women with physical disabilities through various media platforms. Walton spent decades working to rebuild her world through disasters, setbacks, trials, and tribulations after a dangerous form of bone cancer threatened her life-and forced the amputation of her left leg above the knee, in 1976. Overcoming what Walton considers “triple jeopardy” to get where she is today, she continues to live by the motto “What’s a leg got to do with it?”

meet the directors

directors the retreat.jpg

Nuanse Entertainment is an independent film and video production company based in New York City. Created by Ashley Denise (Founder, Artistic Director) and Ricki Lynée (Head of Development), They are devoted to depicting multi-dimensional characters across every genre. Their work contributes to the perpetuation of a new narrative about the black experience.

image-asset 2.png

Ashley Denise (Founder, Artistic Director)


Ricki Lynée (Head of Development)



In the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia lives an ancient spirit. Soucouyant, as she is known, cannot be contained, captured or killed. The people in the town of Gros Islet have come face to face with this reality. Soucouyant has taken 8 lives already when she prepares for her latest victim. As she passes through the town her spirit begins the task of finding a replacement for her tortured skin.


Clarence Williams IV graduated with honors from the John Wells Directing Program at Carnegie Mellon University. He's completed 3 feature films since graduating under his company Williams 4 Productions. His very first feature film, "Gorenos," screened at the 2017 Pan African Film Festival. It's currently being distributed by Maverick Entertainment Group.

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