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We are a FREE platform for independent filmmakers of color

to feature their upcoming projects and push their films to the right audience.


  • For any film you submit, you must secure all necessary legal rights, licenses, and releases that would allow your trailer to be displayed on Indie Trailers website and social media channels.

  • If accepted, your film will be uploaded to Indie Trailers website channel, our social media accounts, and be embedded on its own page on Indie Trailers.

  • If your film has not premiered yet, Indie Trailers does give preference and additional potential marketing exposure to Films that have yet to premiere publicly online.

For us too complete your page, please make sure you have the following.

  1. Downloadable link to Trailer or Teaser 

  2. Film poster (preferably 24 x 36)

  3. Film Title

  4. Link to Full Film or Premiere site

  5. Short Synopsis 

  6. Cast bio (optional) 

  7. (2 to 3) picture (the more our viewers can see, the better!) 

  8. Social Media

  9. Production Company 

  10. Web series, short film, feature? 

  11. Has it premiered? If not, when?


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