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Indie film directors and producers have a lot to balance when promoting a film, and it can be overwhelming at times, but we are here to help!

What is Post-Production?

These are the final steps and they’re the glue that holds the movie together.

The Post-Production process is highly collaborative, across a few months to even a year, depending on the size and need of the project.

We are actually Trailer Editors, meaning, we come in with fresh eyes and plenty of experience to pull out the most exciting and noteworthy bits from the film. 

The Postproduction Process

Postproduction is a well-orchestrated, collaborative process that can take anywhere from several months to a year, or more, depending on the scope and budget of a project. 

  1. Edit: First, the footage is transferred and we begin cutting the movie, guided by the vision of the director. 

  2. Sound & Music edit: Sound, some might argue, is just as important as the picture in creating an experience for the audience. We assembling the audio tracks of a film, removing unwanted noise, and creating sound effects. 

  3. Visual Effects: We have visual effects artist on our team that designs the computer-generated visuals for a film. 

  4. Sound Mix: When all audio tracks are finished, sound mixers step in to adjust audio levels. This is an integral step, as the strength of sound can easily overwhelm a scene if the music is too loud while characters are speaking, or distract from the narrative if the sound is too low and the audience can’t hear what is happening. 

  5. Color Correction: When the picture is locked, our colorist goes through every shot to digitally adjust and refine the hues and light to create continuity and strike a mood. 

  6. Graphics: Title, credits, and graphics are created and added to each film. 

  7. Trailer: A new editing team takes over to cut the trailer, which is a two-and-a-half-minute preview meant to entice audiences to watch the movie when it hits the big, or small, screen.

Essential Marketing

To make your film stand out from the crowd, you need a savvy marketing strategy.

  1. Trailer: A new editing team takes over to cut the trailer, which is a two-and-a-half-minute preview meant to entice audiences to watch the movie when it hits the big, or small, screen. Even in the digital age, movie trailers still comprise a big part of movie marketing. A good trailer will be gripping (if it’s advertising a thriller), funny (if it’s advertising a comedy), and compelling within the first few seconds. 

  2. Teaser: Teasers are 1 min or less clips that are great for promoting your film on social site such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

  3. Film Poster: Visuals are very important. No one can market, promote, or publicize your film without it.  Great photos can get you great coverage, so it’s worth the investment.

  4. Landing Page: We Recommend initially seeding your video trailer via your official website because you have the opportunity to make it visually exciting while encouraging people to engage further with your social apps, competitions, virtual games, and other digital marketing initiatives.

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