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Mania (2020)

When Darius starts seeking help from a new Doctor in hopes of treating his anxiety, he slowly begins to realize things aren’t all as they appear...

Jamyr Greene 

 Ron Downes Jr.

Short Film | Thriller

Cast & Crew


Dr. Roberts - Osaze Akerejah -@allsazemusic


Darius - Akash Jilla - @whoskash


Layla - Tori Varlow - @_torifine


Filmed By Jamyr Greene - @filmsbyjtg




In the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia lives an ancient spirit. Soucouyant, as she is known, cannot be contained, captured or killed. The people in the town of Gros Islet have come face to face with this reality. Soucouyant has taken 8 lives already when she prepares for her latest victim. As she passes through the town her spirit begins the task of finding a replacement for her tortured skin.


From The Writer, Director & Co-Producer of "Loving Till It Hurts Movie" brings you: "COVID 19 THE SURVIVORS" (Short Film). 

Inspired by and based on our current global events! Duvon, an ex-soldier (Genji Jacques) fights through looters in taking care of his sick wife Angel (Sandra Justice), who has been affected by the Coronavirus. Another passion project by Univisual Production, Lunerversal Film & Godsunz Productions.

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