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Courtney Hope Therond

Suspense | Drama

A movie by Courtney Hope Therond streaming on A Lady's Voice Network.


An actor finds herself in an uncomfortable rehearsal, pushing the boundaries of consent.


Rehearsal follows a female actress as she is pushed beyond comfort during a rehearsal. This movie is a conversation starter on what it can feel like being the only woman in the room, and how that can limit the expression of voice in subtle ways. It also shows the moral ambiguity that keeps any one single person responsible for emotional abuse. It can be relatable to anyone who is a minority in a situation.

Courtney. Hope Therond

A Ladys Voice Network


Genre: Suspense/Drama

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In the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia lives an ancient spirit. Soucouyant, as she is known, cannot be contained, captured or killed. The people in the town of Gros Islet have come face to face with this reality. Soucouyant has taken 8 lives already when she prepares for her latest victim. As she passes through the town her spirit begins the task of finding a replacement for her tortured skin.


Clarence Williams IV graduated with honors from the John Wells Directing Program at Carnegie Mellon University. He's completed 3 feature films since graduating under his company Williams 4 Productions. His very first feature film, "Gorenos," screened at the 2017 Pan African Film Festival. It's currently being distributed by Maverick Entertainment Group.

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